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Discover premium grade elastic for garment segment.

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Viken Tape Limited

At the time of this global economic crisis when every organization is craving for options to curtail costs, VIKEN provides best economic solutions for your custom elastic requirements

Design and Development

Our production house is fully equipped with modern tools and machinery. We also carry team of enthusiastic engineers & technocrats, who have the expertise in innovating new design and development activities in our product line. Our company takes utmost care while manufacturing; as the products quality remain a feature that gets never affected. Moreover, the customer’s feedback has always been main source of information as well as inspiration for our quality control department.

Product range

Our main aim is to provide high quality products in resonable price. Our range of tapes and elastics are used in various industries and all the products are made of quality rubbers.


Consistant in Quality, Delivery and most importantly Service

  • Tired of working with your current supplier?

    Our top-notch products and exceptional service will exceed your expectations.

  • Facing irregular deliveries?

    Our efficient shipping system ensures prompt and reliable delivery, eliminating any worries about irregular deliveries.

  • Chasing your supplier for complaints?

    Experience outstanding customer service with our responsive team that addresses your concerns.

  • Are your profits constantly being squeezed?

    Unlock the potential for higher profits with our innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.

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